My books, articles, essays, and blog posts try to address one overarching question: Why do we think about things they way we do? Subsumed in this, of course, is the corollary: Why not think about them in a different way?

I believe that the answers to these and related questions lie in our embedded notions of what constitutes knowledge, by which I mean accepted and acceptable ideas, images, and texts about a given subject. In the words of Michel Foucault, such knowledge must first of all remain “within the true.” That is, it must fit a given discourse in order to be recognized and treated as legitimate and worthy of our attention. Otherwise, it is dismissed, ignored, or otherwise overlooked.

I have applied this approach in the works featured here, and on my author’s blog, to everything from the Western discourse of Islam, to baseball, and the Delta blues. I also have a number of projects in the works that will added to this site as they are published. So please check back often, or subscribe to my RSS feed to stay up to date.